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26 November 2021
DroneDays 21 - Drones @ Work

DroneDays 2021 aims to offer reliable matchmaking opportunities through B2B meetings supporting needs & solutions to further develop business in a competitive way, via  the civil and commercial application & use of drones

To ensure the reliability of information, E.E.N. support offices will screen and validate registrations before they will be made visible on the website. Please understand that this validation process may take some days but has the objective to increase the quality of the event for all participants.

So a clear and concise organization description AND at least one clear marketplace item to raise your visibility on this platform is mandatory!

You can always contact your regional E.E.N. support office for help with the finalization of your profile if required .

By registering to the DroneDays B2B Event 2021,  you accept the following terms, conditions and privacy statement:

• Your profile will be published ONLY once you fulfill ALL the registration steps/requirements.
All Participants should publish at least a marketplace: project, product, service or investment opportunity related to the topics of the event AND request / accept meetings.
Cancellations will only be managed through this platform, in this way, the other participant and the organizers will be automatically notified and the schedule will be always updated.
• The organizers reserve the right to give your personal contact details to the participants with whom you have booked a meeting.
This activity is funded by the European Comission and the feedback of your participation is required under this activity. Therefore, you are asked to notify any collaboration agreements that you reach with other Brokerage Event participants to the organizer and/or co-organizer. This information will be treated confidentially.
Participants must inform the organizers about the meetings with other B2B participants even if they are held outside this platform.
• The organizers might further promote your cooperation profile/s through the EEN network market place


This B2B part of "Drones @ Work" event is designed to provide participants with a hands-on framework event to empower win-win collaborations for business development and solutions' provision and / or further improve and develop their technology / product / service. 

It's not a simple ‘buyer – seller’ event.

The B2B matchmaking forum should similarly not be used by consultants to sell their advisory services to clients. Consultants with specific expertise to become partners of Horizon Europe projects for instance are requested to explain this expertise and give references of past R&D projects they have been involved in.

Closed since 24 November 2021
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Belgium 27
France 12
Ukraine 10
Spain 10
Italy 8
Greece 5
Denmark 5
Portugal 5
Netherlands 4
Switzerland 3
Czech Republic 3
United Kingdom 3
Romania 2
Slovakia 2
Estonia 2
Luxembourg 1
Sweden 1
Hungary 1
Israel 1
United States 1
Malta 1
Ireland 1
Cyprus 1
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Total 112
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Company active in traditional sectors (no drone player) 13
University / Research Centre 11
Association/Federation 3
Public Authority/Governmental organisation 3
Investor / Finance / Business Angel 4
Other 14
Total 112
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