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26 November 2021
DroneDays 21 - Drones @ Work

          DRONES @ WORK

  Tapping on resilience for a 

   more sustainable business 

             100% ONLINE


CONFERENCES can be attended ONLY by the DroneDays 2021 B2B participants, with collaboration profiles (Marketplace ).  

Due to the uncertainties associated to the COVID-19, the 2021 edition of the B2B is FULLY ONLINE and FOR FREE but Terms of Participations STRICTLY apply. Please READ them.

The crisis resulting from COVID-19 pandemic had and still has a tremendous impact on businesses across Europe and beyond EU frontiers. SMEs suffered particularly from the crisis but proved as well to be able to cope with the challenges.

The 6th edition of the event is especially designed to provide SMEs and other participants with:

- qualified pre-arranged B2B meetings during which they can investigate new markets' opportunities to diversify their current portfolios of clients and domains.

- qualitative information & insights from the conferences' speakers

Anchored in DroneDays21 Convention, the B2B will bring participants new opportunities to further develop their business in a competitive way, via the civil and commercial application & use of drones.

WHO should participate?

  • Companies / Start-up / Scale-up / SMEs
  • Universities / Research Centres
  • Associations / Federations
  • Public Authorities / Governmental organisations
  • NGOs
  • Investors / Financiers / Business Angels
  • Clusters

WHY participating this year?

> Pave the way to your business resilience  & sustainability on the long run 

> Get qualified, pre-selected B2B online meetings, attend online thematic conferences (see Program page)

    > As a drone company, meet representatives from end-users' sectors and discuss win-win collaborations.

    > As a company
    from a more traditional sector, do NOT dismiss a new technology as irrelevant to what you do, since it could turn out to to be a great opportunity … for YOUR competitors !

    Meetings' requests : 15/11/2021 - 25/11/2021 (17h00 Brussels time)


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    Public Authority/Governmental organisation 3
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    Total 112
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